Origenes - Sinultimata
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Release Date: May 2011
Cat #: whb21071933

Track List
1. Falling Not Flying
2. Echoes of Memories
3. Tesis Oculatus
4. Autumn Nightmares
5. El Vientre Materno
6. Amniotic Sciences

Line Up
Mike Linkmeyer
Carl Bratcher
Dario Preston

Sinultimata - Pinturas De las FobiasAvailable From Amazon Pinturas de las Fobias
Original (never released) Release Date: May 2012
Release Date: May 2014

Track List
1. Peace, Dreaming From Birth
2. Be Still My Beating Heart
3. Circus of Fear (Danza de la Muerte)
4. Depths of Despair
5. Lost in a Lost Self
6. One Breath, Two Breath
7. Your Comforting Touch
8. Peace, Dreaming From Birth (reprise)

Line Up
Mike Linkmeyer
Carl Bratcher
Alex Tynes

Sinultimata - Suite Española Available From Amazon Suite Española
Release Date: Jan 2013
Re-released March 2014

Track List
9.Prelude in E

Line Up
Carl Bratcher
Alex Tynes

Sinultimata - Carnival of the Animals and Other Enigmas
All profits from this CD will be going to Cancer Research UK.
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Carnival of the Animals and Other Enigmas
Release Date: 17th April 2014

Track List
01. Introduction and Royal March of the Lion
02. Hens and Roosters
03. Wild Asses – Swift Animals
04. Tortoises
05. The Elephant
06. Kangaroos
07. Aquarium
08. Personages with Long Ears
09. The Cuckoo in the Depths of the Woods
10. Aviary
11. Pianists
12. Fossils
13. The Swan
14. Finale
15. Enigma Variations

Line Up
Carl Bratcher
Alex Tynes

Letters to DaddyA personal homage to those who fought, survived and fell in the World Wars.
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Letters to Daddy
Release Date: 4th August 2014

Track List
01. Summer of 1914
02. Chaotica
03. Passers By
04. Fields of Dreams
05. Letters Home
06. Confusion
07. Trench Nightmares
08. Take me back to Dear old Blighty
09. Hello, Goodbye My Love

Line Up
Carl Bratcher