Yes it’s a Free MP3 album

As a thank you to all our supporters we’ve decided to offer up an early Christmas present, in the shape of a live album. Granted it was a spur of the moment thought and more of a live jam session but it worked and gave us a giggle.

It’s going to be released as a limited run 12″ record – there will be NO CD of this, time to get back to roots so if you’d like your copy click on an image – either one, it’s a zip file and it’s not going to stay up for long – oh and remember you’ll need something to unpack it with.



Live in the GardenDownload

Live in the Garden



The Poem – Letters to Daddy

With the release of ‘Letters to Daddy’ I just thought I’d share with you the poem that features in Hello, Goodbye My Love.

Originally written in 2011, actually it was more of a case of it popping in to my head – not ‘I’m going to write a poem’ it just came out. Anyway, below is the poem, it also features on ‘Lay Your Weary Head’ a piece I did as an exercise.


Lay Your Weary Head (Old Soldier)

Through mud they trudged
As deep as their knees
Thoughts lingered on
Of families

Many had gone but many stayed
In unmarked graves
Were where they laid
From friends a silent prayer was said
Then over the top they went ahead

Bullets cut them down en masse
Some they say should have been in class
Learning English, ‘rithmetic and fun
But battle on, they did as one

Now lay your weary head old soldier
Your battles fought your war is over
No need to remember what you’ve done
Your memories live on in everyone

Lest we forget

©Copyright Carl Bratcher 11/11/11
All Rights Reserved

Coming August 4th

Five years in the making, this homage to those that fought in the world wars, includes a first for us – vocals. I personally can trace family that fought in both world wars and the idea initially came to me in the early 70’s but the band I was in at the time (Alley JC) weren’t interested in story telling epic’s (neither were Sliced Darkness for that matter (the band after AJC)) so it got shelved, then life took over and its life on the shelf got dustier and dustier until near the end of the 2,000’s when I dragged it back down and started tearing it apart.

Now finished, apart from a teeny bit of art tweeking I’m pleased to be able to offer this homage, you will however have to wait to see the line-up as I can’t give too much away.


Letters To Daddy

Sad Pirate Beggars

Why are some people so thick they have to essentially steal from a charity? We were pointed at a website with a claim our albums are there, being made available as downloadable mp3’s so off we go to check and yep there they are, including ‘Carnival of the Animals and Other Enigmas’ the CD we are giving all profits from the sale of to Cancer Research UK.

We contacted this idiots host to get him shut down but if that don’t work I suppose it’s off to the legal beagles *groan*

Idiot PirateI’ll keep you up to speed on how we go.

Sinultimata, The Name

We’ve been asked where the name came from so here is the how and why.
Sinultimata was originally a short story written by Carl in 2001, for a collection of short stories that were published around the same time.
Essentially it’s his take on the ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ – with a rather warped horror based style. When it was originally written, a group of his peers thought it either twisted or bordering on maniacal yet still excellent reading as it skirts the Seven Deadly Sins through subtlety. Why did we use it? Because we thought it (and still do) sounded different and obscure. Carl actually made it up but it appears after a quick Google search it’s close to the Finnish ‘Sin Ultimate’ which apparently translates to ‘The Ultimate Sin’, something Carl had no idea about so thankfully the spelling is different because really we are good guys, honest!!
If you so want, you can read the short story on the About page.

Pinturas de las Fobias

After much mucking about, changing things around, re-sampling, it’s finished and will be out shortly. For your enjoyment, here are two tracks to keep to occupied while we wait.


Your Comforting Touch

Peace, Dreaming From Birth (reprise)

Enigma Variations

This is track 15 off the up coming ‘Carnival of the Animals and Other Enigmas’ CD that is being sold with all profits going to Cancer Research UK. Even if you aren’t a fan of the style of music, buy it anyway!! Cancer Research is a MUST and has to be supported.


We’ll be up shortly, but for your enjoyment here’s a little something.