Pre-Order Eight

Eight (with its revised cover) is slotted for release on the 8th August 2015, you can pre-order a download version below, but between then and now included here are a couple of teasers.


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Banned/Refused Cover

Oh goody, a banned/refused cover. How the *****n’ hell can this be classified as porn????? It’s bloody fantasy for **** sake!! Bloody PC Brigade wouldn’t know art if it bit ’em on the arse. Why it wasn’t pulled up before hand is beyond me, so now it’s back to the drawing board as I flat REFUSE to modify it!
Eight Cover

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Arturia – Moog

There are some days that it’s easier to walk away from the studio and just ‘play’ – today is one of those days, no modulars, no vintage analogue synths, no workstations, just me, the Moog Little Phatty (granted not standard as far as presets go) and the new Arturia.

I’ve heard numerous comments on the Arturia Beatstep Sequencer, rating it from awful to good. Well you can take it from me, it (for the price) is a decent piece of kit. There are many times like today when the modular does my head in and I just want to sit in the quiet room and let my fingers do the walking with some of my favourite presets and when the Moog is running sequenced I can jump from piano on the Roland to something spacey on the MS2000 Korg.
The only thing I don’t like is the fact it’s way too flat appearance wise. So with that said I wandered out to the workshop (yes I have a workshop) and built the nifty stand for it – well me and the CNC machine built the nifty stand 😉

I’m not an authorised official spokesman for Arturia, but I don’t mind sharing info if I like something.

Here’s a picture

Arturia Beatstep and the Moog


Sinultimata T-Shirts

We’ll be listing some T-Shirts for sale shortly, there are currently two different ones, available in all colours but the black looks sweet 😉
We’ll put up the link shortly to where you can get them from.

CarlSinultimata Logo T-Shirt

Sinultimata Sid T-Shirt

So it appears we’re naughty?

Apparently, a leaked copy of the full cover of Dychwelyd y Ddraig Goch has upset some people, it appears we can’t make a concept album without the PC Brigade sticking their 2 bobs worth in.
I’d like to say what’s really on my mind but going off on one will achieve nothing, so instead I’ll let you decide if the concept of the Welsh driving the invaders from the east out with the Red Dragon actually means driving the English out, does it really say who those from the east are, ‘NO’ – so as far as I’m concerned the PC Brigade are seriously bent.

Seeing as the full cover has been leaked, the image below is the proof of the back – you tell me if it’s offensive. Plus you may as well have a chuckle at the email.


PC BS Email

Dychwelyd y Ddraig Goch Back